Blessed,,Cage,Parrot,Mirror,$7,Stand,,family,Parakeet,Bird,Perch,Pet Supplies , Birds,/Eutychianism1589254.html,for $7 Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror for Cage,Parrot Perch Stand, Pet Supplies Birds Clearance SALE! Limited time! Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror Perch for Parrot Stand Cage $7 Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror for Cage,Parrot Perch Stand, Pet Supplies Birds Clearance SALE! Limited time! Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror Perch for Parrot Stand Cage Blessed,,Cage,Parrot,Mirror,$7,Stand,,family,Parakeet,Bird,Perch,Pet Supplies , Birds,/Eutychianism1589254.html,for

Clearance SALE Directly managed store Limited time Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror Perch for Parrot Stand Cage

Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror for Cage,Parrot Perch Stand,


Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror for Cage,Parrot Perch Stand,

Product description

Size:Plexiglass bird mirror

Happy partner!
The bird takes great pleasure in seeing itself in the mirror and spending hours staring at and chirping at its own reflection. The mirrors are designed to satisfy pets' curiosity and make them happy!

★Beautiful and perfect decoration of your cage
★It is an ideal place for your love birds to play and exercise
★Installation is simple, you can install the mirror in any position of the cage

●product name: parakeet mirror for cage
●Material: plexiglass cotton rope
●Quantity: 1 piece
●size: 7in*5in*5.83in

▶Please tear off the protective film in front of the mirror before installing
▶If you receive any damaged products, please contact us in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution immediately
▶Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2mm

Blessed family Bird Parakeet Mirror for Cage,Parrot Perch Stand,

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