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Nail Grinder Dog Cat Clippers Upgraded Function St Professional List price Attention brand

Nail Grinder Dog Cat Clippers, Function Upgraded Professional St


Nail Grinder Dog Cat Clippers, Function Upgraded Professional St

Product description

The advantages of our products.
(1.) We is a professional pet nail grinder manufacturer,dedicating to provide comfortable nail grooming experience for your pets and high quality nail grinder for you.
(2.) Our dog nail trimmers are designed with stepless speed regulation. Adjust the speed (4,500-7,500 r / min) in stages by rotating the rotary switch to reduce the risk of over-cutting and injury to the pet. Adjust the rotary switch and turn the to the left and right to adjust strength from small to large .
(3.) The dog nail grinder is improved with diamond bit grinder,upgrade 9000PRM powerful motor and high quality material,which is safer and effective alternative to clipping.Much gentler and easier to use than clippers/trimmers to trim pet nails.
(4.) This electric rechargeable nail grinder uses a superior motor with whisper-quiet technology to keep your lovely pets calm when using the grinder,Stepless speed regulation and 3 grinding port nail grinder design meet kinds of pets demands.
(5.) This dog nail polisher is rechargeable and includes a USB cable for your convenience and can be recharged at home. After charging for 3.5 hours, you can work for 20 hours each time.
(6.) If you are tired of spending your money on expensive pet grooming salons each time and you would like to make sure your pet enjoy a painless ,no-stress nail clipping experience,Petural dog nail grinder is a not bad solution.

Battery: 18650 Li-ion Battery DC 3.7V / 2000mA
Round Per Minute: 4,500-7500 rpm.
Speed Function: Stepless speed regulation.
Output Voltage / Current: (5V, 1000mA).
Charging Voltage: Global voltage (AC 100V - 240V).
Battery charging time: about 3.5 hours
Operation time: about 20 hours

Buy This Pet Grooming Kit and You'll Get:
1x Pet Nail Grinder.
1x Grinding Wheel.
1x USB Charger Cable.
1x Lifetime warranty card.
1x Instruction Manual.

Nail Grinder Dog Cat Clippers, Function Upgraded Professional St

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