Bird,Food,Jar,Feeder,Bird,$16,,Food,Pet,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Geyecete,Storage,/Eutychianism1589854.html Geyecete Bird Charlotte Mall Feeder Food Jar Pet Storage Bird,Food,Jar,Feeder,Bird,$16,,Food,Pet,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Geyecete,Storage,/Eutychianism1589854.html $16 Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage Pet Supplies Dogs $16 Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage Pet Supplies Dogs Geyecete Bird Charlotte Mall Feeder Food Jar Pet Storage

Geyecete Bird Charlotte Mall Feeder Food Jar Classic Pet Storage

Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage


Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage

Product description

"BIRD FEED" canister:
9 inch High
7 inch Long
6 inch Wide

Ideal for storing all your knick-knacks and loose ends - even treats for a much loved pet.Perfect for all Pets (or really ANY pet), this set comes with tight fitting lids- this set's beauty is only matched by its sturdy construction and practical application.
You truly never see such a beautiful mix of function and fashion.
No more lugging your bulky pet food supplies from the accessories closet in order to fill the Pet or kitty bowl.

These beautiful containers will bring a smile to your face every time you see it - and your pets will go wild for them: although that may not necessarily be because of how beautiful they are.

Just the right sizes!
Large enough to fit a nice amount of pet food - but not so big or bulky as to take up too much space or be an eyesore.
These sleek containers are seriously beautiful.

So,to recap:
Perfect sizes.
Tight fitting lids.
Durable carbon steel construction.
And, they simply look beautiful!

Geyecete Bird Feeder,Bird Food Jar Pet Food Storage

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