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Online limited product YOFUNTLE Compatible 25% OFF for Samsung Galaxy Band Active Wome Watch 2

YOFUNTLE Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Band, Wome


YOFUNTLE Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Band, Wome

Product description


YOFUNTLE Premium Mesh Woven Stainless Steel Watchband Quick Release Watch Replacement Strap Wrist Band

Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm,Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mmamp;44mm),Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm,Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm,Gear Sport,Garmin Venu Sq/Venu Sq Music,Garmin Vivoactive 3/3 Music/3t,GarminMove Luxe,GarminMove Style,Garmin Venu,Forerunner 645/Forerunner 245,and other 20mm lug smartwatch

- Available in fine woven Stainless Steel for a classy look, lightweight and durable, easy to install and remove.
- Adjustable Size - Suitable for 6.1 inch-10.24 inch (155mm-260mm) wrist size.
- Made of high-quality stainless steel material,flexible,comfortable, lightweight,breathable,and skin-friendly.
- Combining fashion,classic,durability and elegance.The classic and stylish sport style makes your watch look more fashionable and sexual,very easy to match your daily clothing.

How to Adjust Length?
Easy to resize by using our included tool.
1.Release the hanging buckle
2.Put the 'fork end' of the tool into the hole and pry the strap locker
3.Move the buckle and adjust the strap length to your suitable size 4.Fold the buckle by using the 'fork end' of the tool
5.Hook and fold the buckle until a clear sound click heard
6.Finish adjustment

Package Includes:
1 x Stainless Steel Watch Band Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm/Active 2 (not including the watch or screen protector or other parts)
2 x Quick Release Spring Bar
1 x Tool for Adjusting Band Length

YOFUNTLE Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Band, Wome

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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