,A,$182,Lavatory,Faucet,Kingston,/cache1524178.html,Widespread,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Tudor,Brass,KS1998TAL,With Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread New color A Lavatory With Faucet $182 Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet With A Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures $182 Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet With A Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread New color A Lavatory With Faucet,A,$182,Lavatory,Faucet,Kingston,/cache1524178.html,Widespread,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Tudor,Brass,KS1998TAL,With

Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread New color A Lavatory With Faucet Luxury

Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet With A


Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet With A

Product description

Color:Brushed Nickel

Classic style. Lifetime drip free ceramic cartridge. Max 1.2 GPM/4.5 LPM water flow rate at 60 PSI (ASME standard). Deck mount 8 in. to 16 in.. Widespread three hole installation. Standard 0.5 in. IPS connection. Made from brass. Satin nickel finish. Made in Taiwan.

From the manufacturer

Kingston Brass KS1998TAL Tudor Widespread Lavatory Faucet With A

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