Same day shipping 50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- D Straight tab- Reinforced Cut Same day shipping 50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- D Straight tab- Reinforced Cut $0 50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- Reinforced Straight Cut tab- D Office Products Office School Supplies $0 50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- Reinforced Straight Cut tab- D Office Products Office School Supplies File,Folders-,,Straight,Cut,Tab,$0,End,/colonialize1524306.html,Fastener,Office Products , Office School Supplies,50,tab-,Reinforced,D File,Folders-,,Straight,Cut,Tab,$0,End,/colonialize1524306.html,Fastener,Office Products , Office School Supplies,50,tab-,Reinforced,D

Same Ranking TOP8 day shipping 50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- D Straight tab- Reinforced Cut

50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- Reinforced Straight Cut tab- D


50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- Reinforced Straight Cut tab- D

Product description

Durable Fastener File Folders designed for repeated use in your offices

Fastener file folders that are designed and manufactured in the USA and are made with high quality 11 PT manila paper stock and durable metal prongs.

We understand in an office environment you need durable folders that can stand rugged and repeated use, thus we designed folders to handle your office environment.

  • Our metal fasteners are durably made thus allowing for repeated use in tough office environments
  • File Folders made from thick 11 PT manila paper with double ply reinforced end tabs will stand up to repeated and rugged use

Easily Organize your Office

Our metal fasteners folders allow for easy storage of large amounts of medical forms, business report, receipts, and more

Easily add and remove files with our easily to use fasteners

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products completely. We understand that sometimes buying physical products can be difficult if you cannot physically see what you are buying, however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for, or does not meet your expectation then send them back anytime for a 100 % refund.

50 End Tab Fastener File Folders- Reinforced Straight Cut tab- D

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