$44 TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering Springs Kit Blue Set of 4 Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,LS-017-B,4,Kit,Lowering,TuningPros,$44,networkplusdumps.net,Blue,of,/cornbole1523860.html,Set,Springs Automotive , Replacement Parts,LS-017-B,4,Kit,Lowering,TuningPros,$44,networkplusdumps.net,Blue,of,/cornbole1523860.html,Set,Springs TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering supreme Springs Kit of Blue 4 Set TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering supreme Springs Kit of Blue 4 Set $44 TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering Springs Kit Blue Set of 4 Automotive Replacement Parts

2021 TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering supreme Springs Kit of Blue 4 Set

TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering Springs Kit Blue Set of 4


TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering Springs Kit Blue Set of 4

Product description

This lowering springs have been designed to give your vehicle superior handling with an aggressive race look. By radically lowering the center of gravity from OE height, using precision engineered progressive spring rates, it dramatically reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners, nose-dive under braking and improve performance. Made with SAE 9254 cold wounded steel, one of the strongest materials available and corrosion-protected with phosphate and powder coatings for durability. Spring rates are specifically tuned for handling and comfort, it provide exceptional handling, response, control and balance. Custom made to fit specific vehicle application.

  • Sold as a complete set of 4 springs, which inclues 2 front springs and 2 rear springs
  • Lower rate: 1.35-Inch Front, 1.35-Inch Rear ;
  • Spring Rate 280F amp; 250R

TuningPros LS-017-B Lowering Springs Kit Blue Set of 4

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    Resmed 33963 Tubing wrap, 6' 6in