Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface with Adaptor 2 Compatible Max 54% OFF $45 Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2 Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Wireless,Interface,Music,2,-,/dentiparous1523942.html,Compatible,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Gitank,with,$45,,Adaptor,1000 Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface with Adaptor 2 Compatible Max 54% OFF $45 Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2 Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Wireless,Interface,Music,2,-,/dentiparous1523942.html,Compatible,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Gitank,with,$45,,Adaptor,1000

Gitank 1000 Max 81% OFF - Wireless Music Interface with Adaptor 2 Compatible Max 54% OFF

Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2


Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2


Product Description

Audi-Concert- Symphony

Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2010-2019 Audi MMI 3G and 2005-2011 Mercedes car kit with 30 pin iPod Connector

Compatible for:

  • 2010-2019 Audi MMI 3G, 3G+ and Audi Concert/Symphony.
  • Compatible for 2005-2011 Mercedes.

Important Note:

  • AMI iPod cable is NOT included in the product package.
  • Only Support iTunes to display playlists.
  • Android phone is NOT supported to display song playlist and titles, it is only supported to control previous/next tracks.
  • iPhone is NOT supported to display Spotify/Pandora playlist, it is only supported to display iPhone Apple Music playlist.
Gitank-3000A Gitank-1000AUDI Gitank-3000A Gitank-1000AUDI Gitank-1000LR
Gitank-3000A Gitank-1000AUDI Gitank-3000A(MB) Gitank-1000MB Gitank-1000LR
Type Car Bluetooth Receiver Car Bluetooth Receiver Car Bluetooth Receiver Car Bluetooth Receiver Car Bluetooth Receiver
Audio Jack AMI/MMI/MDI 30-Pin AMI/MMI/MDI 30-Pin Landrover iPod interface
Compatibility Audi MMI 3G/3G+(2010-2019),Mercedes-Benz.(2005-2011) Audi MMI 3G/3G+(2010-2019),Mercedes-Benz.(2005-2011) Audi MMI 3G/3G+(2010-2019),Mercedes-Benz.(2005-2011) Audi MMI 3G/3G+(2010-2019),Mercedes-Benz.(2005-2011) Land Rover, Jaguar
Heaready HD Heaready Pro
Heaready HD Heaready Pro
Type Bluetooth Receiver Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver
Work with Home Stereo Systems / AV Receivers Home Stereo Systems / AV Receivers / TV
Built-In DAC PCM5102A( 16 to 32bit ) PCM5102A( 16 to 32bit )
Operation Range 100ft/30m 131ft/40m
Bluetooth Version BT5.0 (CSR8675) BT5.0 (CSR8675)

Gitank 1000 - Wireless Music Interface Adaptor Compatible with 2

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