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Pure Max 54% OFF Himalayan Shilajit Excellent Original Solid O Servings 360 Extract

Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Original Solid Extract, 360 Servings, O


Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Original Solid Extract, 360 Servings, O


Product Description

Shilajit is the fulvic acid and trace mineral food supplement. Our product has been treated using modern technology of cold extraction. Compared to the traditional approaches it preserves most of the molecular properties including the extremely fine filtration. It also has an advantage over other mineral supplements as it is 100% naturally harvested, not mixed or synthesized with other elements and its deposits are limited.

Solid Himalayan Shilajit is like a hard resin. It is very convenient to use straight as a pill or under the tongue. You can also mix it with your drink. Unlike the liquid Himalayan Shilajit, it is more convenient for travel and storage.

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Liquid Shilajit Extract Original Solid Shilajit Freeze Dried Shilajit Powder Shilajit Resin Shilajit Drops / Tablets Shilajit Shangrila Extract
Size Variation 5gm • 15gm • 50gm • 50gm 2gm • 8gm • 36gm 5gm • 30gm 30gm • 115gm 12gm • 24gm 15gm • 50gm
Container Glass Plastic Glass Glass Plastic Glass
Cost Per Serving 0.50 • 0.24 • 0.18 0.66 • 0.45 • 0.31 0.3 • 0.25 • 0.20 0.11 • 0.06 0.21 • 0.14 0.62 • 0.43
Concentration Low High High Med Med Low
Origin Himalayas Himalayas Himalayas Altai Altai Himalayas
Processing Low Med Med Med Med Low
Included Spoon Spatula, except 2gm Spoon Spoon N/A Spoon
Altitude 16,000 16,000 16,000 14,000 14,000 16,000
Use Cases Thin like an oil but not oily, best choice for mixing with any liquid or apply on skin, freshest form of shilajit, for home us, not made for travel Light and dry, great for consuming during physical activity such as running or cycling, very potent, easy to carry Universal use, either mix it with food, drink or take it directly as is, very potent, should be kept in dry area Like a tar or goo, may be messy if carried, better use at home diluted in water or taken straight Pre sized dry drops, take like a pill with water Thin like an oil but not oily, take it straight, under the tongue or mixed with any liquid
Taste Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter Sweet

Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Original Solid Extract, 360 Servings, O

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