K2,$49,Acc,KIA,Rio,Car,Console,Automotive , Replacement Parts,networkplusdumps.net,/furniture1524083.html,for,Armrest,Center,8X-SPEED,2011-2016 $49 8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Rio Car Armrest Center Console Acc Automotive Replacement Parts 8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Popular Rio Console Acc Car Armrest Center K2,$49,Acc,KIA,Rio,Car,Console,Automotive , Replacement Parts,networkplusdumps.net,/furniture1524083.html,for,Armrest,Center,8X-SPEED,2011-2016 $49 8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Rio Car Armrest Center Console Acc Automotive Replacement Parts 8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Popular Rio Console Acc Car Armrest Center

8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Popular Rio Console Acc Car Armrest Center Selling

8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Rio Car Armrest Center Console Acc


8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Rio Car Armrest Center Console Acc

Product description


Contains a variety of features, storage boxes, arm rest, cup holder, removable ashtray, There are three colors to choose from, so that the armrest can be better matched with the car.

Material: ABS and PU leather,Excellent material,sturdy and durable.
Dimensions: 32 x 13 cm, maximum extension 37 cm.The cover can move 5 cm forward and can rotate 30 degrees,Let you find a position that is more suitable for your arm.
Easy install,installation takes only 10 minutes,We will give you a free tool.

No place to put small items? Can't find something in the car?
Armrest box can storing things,make your car tidy and convenient.

Is the arm uncomfortable after driving for a long time? When the traffic lights and traffic are congested, there is no place for the arm to be placed?
Premium leather provides a comfortable resting place for your arms,improve your driving experience.,improve your driving experience.

No place to put cups and drinks?How to solve the garbage left after smoking?
The cup holder and removable ashtray carried by the armrest box can help you solve this problem and it is very convenient to clean.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a satisfactory answer in the shortest time, thank you.

8X-SPEED for 2011-2016 KIA K2 Rio Car Armrest Center Console Acc


Oct 12, 2019

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Frienda 4 Pieces Universal Outboard Switch Keys with Stop Switch

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