$59,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Gold,Elite,/intraformational1122112.html,-,Headgear,Black/Pink,Venum,networkplusdumps.net $59,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Gold,Elite,/intraformational1122112.html,-,Headgear,Black/Pink,Venum,networkplusdumps.net Venum Elite Headgear Virginia Beach Mall - Black Gold Pink $59 Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Pink Gold Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Venum Elite Headgear Virginia Beach Mall - Black Gold Pink $59 Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Pink Gold Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Venum Elite Headgear Virginia Beach Mall - Black Gold Max 56% OFF Pink

Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Pink Gold


Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Pink Gold

Product description

The Elite Headgear has been a success since its launch. Over the years it has undergone several improvements (padding, shape, design). This "camo" version completes the rest of the "Elite Camo" range, which also includes boxing gloves and shin guards. The headgear boasts incredible lightness, and excellent visibility. It is made in Thailand like the rest of the Elite range. The PU used comes from Japan, a country with unequalled know-how in the field. Designed for all types of training and striking, it is excellent value for money.

Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Pink Gold


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