$7 Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT ,ID 0.12'' (3mm), OD 0 Automotive Replacement Parts /intraformational1122312.html,OD,$7,0.12'',networkplusdumps.net,Vacuum,Shineyoo,10FT,(3mm),,Hose,Silicone,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,ID,Tubing $7 Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT ,ID 0.12'' (3mm), OD 0 Automotive Replacement Parts /intraformational1122312.html,OD,$7,0.12'',networkplusdumps.net,Vacuum,Shineyoo,10FT,(3mm),,Hose,Silicone,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,ID,Tubing Dallas Mall Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT 0.12'' 3mm 0 OD ID Dallas Mall Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT 0.12'' 3mm 0 OD ID

cheap Dallas Mall Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT 0.12'' 3mm 0 OD ID

Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT ,ID 0.12'' (3mm), OD 0


Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT ,ID 0.12'' (3mm), OD 0

Product description

Style:ID 0.12''(3mm),OD 0.27''(7mm),10FT,Blue


Heat Resistant Fibers

Made with high-grade 4-Ply silicone and a dual layer that consists of heat resistant fibers

Protection from Oil/Water

Increased pressure tolerance, resistance to UV, water, oil/fuel, heat reductions

Performance and Reliability

hoses are constructed with high-strength silicone compounds and fabrics meant to outlast stock hoses


Shineyoo Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose 10FT ,ID 0.12'' (3mm), OD 0


  • Meal Types Ingredients

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