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Chi-buy The Latest Update Metal Scoop Cat Alloy Credence Product Litter Aluminum

Chi-buy The Latest Update Metal Cat Litter Scoop,Aluminum Alloy


Chi-buy The Latest Update Metal Cat Litter Scoop,Aluminum Alloy


Product Description

Product Detial

  • Product Dimensions: 13.78"Lx5.51"Wx1.57"H.
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Aluminum


  • The New Chi-buy cat litter scoop Updated an innovation METAL TABS/ROUND TEETH which make it easier to clean the dirty litter adhere to the box.
  • What's more we adopted the recommendations form our customers and make the metal joint LONGER to the breaking or bending of rubber grip.
  • ​Most importantly,the NEW SIFTER SPACING makes 2-seconds SIFTING work and provides NO SHAKING work.
  • The POLISHING process helps the aluminum scooper more CORROSION-RESISTANT.
  • Not only sifting the cat litter,it also do a great job in sifting seashells from the wet sand at the beach.

Chi-buy The Latest Update Metal Cat Litter Scoop,Aluminum Alloy

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