$6 ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket for Hanging Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness networkplusdumps.net,/preconveyal1269822.html,Bracket,4,for,ORUNI,Sets,$6,Hanging,Bracket,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Dartboard,Mounting,Wall ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Hanging Bracket for specialty shop Wall ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Hanging Bracket for specialty shop Wall networkplusdumps.net,/preconveyal1269822.html,Bracket,4,for,ORUNI,Sets,$6,Hanging,Bracket,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Dartboard,Mounting,Wall $6 ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket for Hanging Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Hanging Bracket for specialty shop Sale special price Wall

ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket for Hanging


ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket for Hanging

Product description

Easy to assemble: portable dartboard mounting bracket (darts not included) compatible with most of hanging dartboard, provide safety by securing with the U-shaped slot system that prevents dartboards from falling

Practical tool for you: designed with durable material, that is convenient for you to apply and can compatible with most of hanging dartboard, they can also use as hook or any other functions

Material: Cold rolled steel and rubber
Package includes:
4×Long screw,
8×Short screws,
12×Small fine nails
Note: Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size.
The colors may exist slight difference due to different screens.

ORUNI 4 Sets Dartboard Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket for Hanging

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