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TIAYIA Modern Coat Hooks Bombing free shipping Wall Space-S Folding At the price of surprise with Mounted

TIAYIA Modern Coat Hooks Wall Mounted with Folding Hooks Space-S


TIAYIA Modern Coat Hooks Wall Mounted with Folding Hooks Space-S

Product description


Modern Coat Hooks Wall Mounted with Folding Hooks Space-Saving Hook Rack with 4 Standard Retractable Hooks Hat Coat Hook for Entryway Hallway Living Room Bedroom Bathroom

1.The coat hook is made of 100% natural bamboo board and alloy hooks with smooth corners and edges, this hook rack appears very crafted, durable and reliable use
2.Available in a variety of stylish finishes to match your existing decor, great-looking wall accent piece to hang your valuables, easily hang towels, robes, hats, handbags, keys, coats, scarves, purses, umbrellas, clothing and more
3.Available in a variety of stylish finishes to match your existing decor, great-looking wall accent piece to hang your valuables, easily hang towels, robes, hats, handbags, keys, coats, scarves, purses, umbrellas, clothing and more
4.Support 2 install modes (sticking and drilling), keep your place tidy and organized, can be mounted on almost any solid wall

Adhesive installation instruction:
1.Clear the wall
2.Smear sealent on the back of the hook
3.Force the hook to the selected position(fix the hook with sticker)
4.Let stand for 72 hours before hanging

Drill holes installation instruction:
1.Mark the installation position
2.Drilling holes on the marked position
3.Knock the plastic anchors into the holes
4.Screwing the screws

Size: 15.7" x 2.2" x 0.8"
Weight: 0.9 pounds
Each hook stands weight: 7 pounds
Material type: Bamboo plate and aluminum alloy

Package included:
1 x wall coat rack hook
2 x screw
2 x plastic anchor
1 x strong sealent
2 x adhesive stickers

TIAYIA Modern Coat Hooks Wall Mounted with Folding Hooks Space-S

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